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Oat No! Red Bean Berry Oatmeal Cups

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We have a batch of oatmeal where the oats were cut too small. We think the flavor is still great, but the texture isn't what we'd want it to be - in short, it's too mushy. Based on your oatmeal preferences, you can still eat it as-is. But you can also add more oats, put it in a smoothie, bake with it, make pancakes. Really the world is your oyster. And at a price like this, you can afford to experiment. 

Product description:

Wonderfully fruity, Red Bean Berry Oatmeal is the dessert-for-breakfast you’ve always craved (and so, therefore, we had to make!). Bursting with goji berries, dates, and cherries, this berry-red oatmeal is packed with cleansing antioxidants. 


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