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Hi Yishi Friends! I’m Lin, founder of Yishi.

Growing up in China, my days were filled with delicious, surprisingly-nutritious food my mom would create for us.

One meal in particular, so simple yet so comforting, was a favorite I still think about today: my mother’s black sesame porridge. It was food as an act of care, made with ingredients lovingly chosen to provide energy and wellness.

After I moved to the US, I began to crave the nutty, semi-sweet, toasty flavor of the porridge, along with the feeling it gave me. But not only were the hot cereal options in the United States supermarkets filled with sugar and lacking any real functional benefits, they were all the same, bland flavors.

So, I decided to create Yishi, in honor of my mother’s thoughtful approach to food and as a way to share my heritage and the unique flavors of Asia. The name Yishi is based on the Chinese word for ritual. Nourishing your body with whole, functional foods is more than just a routine occurrence – it’s a small daily moment of celebration.

Yishi oatmeal incorporates superfoods, protein, and fiber in every bowl, promoting balanced energy and offering a moment of self-care at the start of (or any time during) the day. Whether you want to glow, focus, energize, strengthen, or relax, we have a flavor with ingredients specifically tailored for each purpose. Food is medicine – it’s time to give your body the respect it deserves!