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Hi 👋 I'm Lin,

Founder of Yishi

When I was a child in China, my mom would make black sesame cereal for me when I got home from school. The smooth, semi-sweet, toasty flavor made it one of my favorite foods. In China, black sesame cereal has been a staple food for hundreds of years because of its flavor and wellness benefits. As an adult, I began working and found myself reaching for unhealthy snacks often throughout the day. I needed something healthy and convenient that I could eat, and I kept coming back to the black sesame cereal that had been my favorite for so many years. However, products in Chinese supermarkets were high in sugar and calories. I decided to start making my own recipe from scratch for myself and my American friends. After their first bowl, they couldn’t wait to eat more. I saw this as an opportunity to bring black sesame cereal and the “food as medicine” concept to more people in the world. Now you can find our products in grocery stores such as Whole Foods and in many people’s kitchen cabinet as their favorite breakfast!

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Nourishing your body with whole, functional foods is more than just a routine occurrence. It’s truthfully a ceremonious moment.

Inspired by our founder’s Chinese heritage and love of Chinese cuisine, Yishi oatmeal turns any meal or snack into a moment of pure, unsullied reflectional sustenance. Using meaningful ingredients that produce healthy, purposeful functions, this is oatmeal that helps you glow, focus, energize, and relax from the inside out.

Yishi is the Chinese word for ritual. And with Yishi Oatmeal, you’re providing your body with the compassion it deserves.

Celebrate each day as a new beginning, with functional foods that are energizing, clarifying, radiant, or calming.

What People Are Saying

This is SO easy to make, I started to eat breakfast every day.

- Carol D

I love the unique ingredients and flavor. Finally something new.

- Jinny Y

I was so impressed. This is restaurant quality oatmeal in a cup.

- Becky B