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Gift a 3-month subscription to delicious, healthy, Asian-inspired oatmeal.

We’ll deliver right to the recipient's doorstep, once a month for 3 months straight. And at less than $1.00 per bowl, it’s a delicious oatmeal deal.

Only the finest ingredients

Pick the Perfect Gift

Cozy Collection Kit 

With this kit, you’ll never have to compromise. From creamy Matcha Latte to fruity Red Bean Berry, there’s a new flavor for every day of the work week. Breakfast has never been cozier (or more delicious).

Flavors included: Matcha Latte, Taro Bubble Tea, Toasted Black Sesame, Red Bean Berry, Sweet Osmanthus 



3 shipments, 5 pouches per shipment.
Subscription includes 120 bowls of oatmeal, $0.91 per bowl.


Morning Motivation Kit 

Start your day with the positive energy of our rich, sesame-infused nuttiness, creamy green tea, and starchy notes of sweet taro. This kit has a flavor for every morning craving.  

Flavors Included: Matcha Latte, Taro Bubble Tea, Toasted Black Sesame 



3 shipments, 3 pouches per shipment.
Subscription includes 72 bowls of oatmeal, $0.96 per bowl.


Winter Warmers Kit  

Flavors of nutty coconut, subtle caramel and milky vanilla florals abound in our Winter Warmers Kit. These comforting flavors are the ultimate cure-all to the cold this winter. 

Flavors Included: Taro Bubble Tea, Toasted Black Sesame, Sweet Osmanthus  



3 shipments, 3 pouches per shipment.
Subscription includes 72 bowls of oatmeal, $0.96 per bowl.


Get to know our Flavors


for vitality

This satisfyingly sweet showstopper resembles your favorite coffee shop’s Matcha Latte, with creamy coconut milk balanced by softly grassy green tea. It’s refreshing, delicious, and guaranteed to brighten winter days. 

Bubble Tea

for focus

Everyone's favorite boba tea flavor! But vegan and no-added-sugar. And incredible. It’s creamy, coconut-y, with a fruity blueberry flair that will remind you of summer. Plus, it packs some caffeine to keep you alert when the sun sets at 4pm. 

Black Sesame

for energy

Nutty and warming, Toasted Black Sesame is the ultimate comfort flavor, based on our founder’s mother’s recipe. With a blend of black sesame, walnut and almond, it’s high in protein and healthy fats to support smooth energy all day. 

Red Bean

for radiance

Our Red Bean Berry Oatmeal is the perfect treat for those who like all things fruity. Red bean, goji berries, dates and cherries are naturally sweet and packed with antioxidants to keep you glowing


for calm

Picture vanilla soymilk with a floral hint. Our Sweet Osmanthus Oatmeal is restoratively calming and lusciously smooth – it pairs perfectly with a candle, a book, and your couch

“Oatmeal Is boring, but this Taro Bubble Tea Oatmeal is everything. It's sweet, nutty, and "functional," and I can't get enough.” 

“The taro bubble tea oatmeal is probably the buzziest flavor in Yishi’s roster, but I ended up being even more partial to sweet osmanthus; lightly floral and earthy, it tastes a little like rooibos tea steeped in soy milk."

“Yishi takes it to a whole new level and provides not only a fresh look, but a new Asian-inspired, great-tasting product that wakes up your taste buds and provides a better-for-you, great tasting breakfast alternative.”

How it Works

  • Choose your kit.
    Choose from one of the three curated kits below. 
  • Fill out the recipient's name and shipping address.
    This will include the recipient's name & information, shipping information and when you’d like the first box to ship.  
  • Wait for an email.
    Once you’ve placed your order, we will send you an email with all of the shipment information. You can forward this to the subscription recipient if you want them to know about the box before it arrives at their front door. 
  • Sit back & relax!
    The gift recipient will receive their first shipment 2 – 7 days after your chosen shipment date. The second box will ship exactly 1 month later, followed by a third shipment exactly one month after that.  

Frequently Asked Questions

Looking for a one-time gift for your friend?
Our variety pack is a great way to try all of the flavors
in a single, one-time shipment.