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 Healthy oatmeal inspired by Asian Desserts

Because breakfast can (and should!) be fun

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“Oatmeal is boring, but this Taro Bubble Tea Oatmeal is everything. It's sweet, nutty, and "functional," and I can't get enough.”

“This Toasted-Black-Sesame oatmeal puts Quaker’s bland flavors to shame... I spent a pleasant week enjoying a new variety of oatmeal each morning, excited to no longer be stranded on cinnamon island ”

“This brand is proving that oatmeal isn't boring, with flavors like matcha latte, taro bubble tea, and black sesame.”

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So “Matcha” More than just Oatmeal

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Taro Bubble Tea Oatmeal Cake Pop

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We’re Getting “Taro-ific” Reviews!

I've not been this excited over breakfast yet alone oatmeal until I had my hands on Yishi! All the flavors hit home, and I'm gonna have them until the day I die, LOL.

- Melissa S.

I'm beyond surprised about this oatmeal. I had so much energy that I don't normally have and there's no disgusting crash afterward. I would recommend this to anyone and everyone!

- Xiara U. 

I love oatmeal, but I do get tired of the flavor. These are like little dessert cups for breakfast, and I am obsessed. I've always loved Japanese flavors, and these seriously deliver.

- Kenna


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