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Yishi's Food Manifesto.

Manifesto is an audacious word. But when it comes to what we stand for, we wanted to be audacious. We think food should help you live a healthier, happier life, and we want Yishi to be that kind of food.

1. The best flavors come from the best places

Our flavors come from our mother’s kitchen, the beverages we grew up drinking with friends, and the food that’s been a part of our culture for centuries. We don’t need to invent amazing flavors, we can pull them from our best memories: the foods that hold emotional weight and tie us to the people we care about. 

2. Eating healthy should feel easy

This means:Simple, better ingredientsSimple, plant-based ingredients, if they are high quality, make delicious, healthy food. No need to invent things in labs. Taro, blueberries, and coconut just grow out of the ground, and they taste amazing! That is magic, and we want to celebrate it.It has what your body needsWe are anti-diet culture. If you eat a mix of real foods, made from plants, they’ll have the nutrients your body needs. No need to painstakingly count calories, protein, sugar, fiber. By creating food that is natural, healthy, and delicious, we hope you can spend less time worrying about nutrition labels. And if sometimes you have a real Taro Bubble Tea too, that's totally okay. It doesn’t need to take all dayIt takes half a minute to peel an orange. Yishi oatmeal is a little longer at two minutes. Both choices fit into your busy day seamlessly. We want to give you another easy option to give your body something good. Delicious, healthy food shouldn't only be for those with the luxury of time. 

3. Good food supports all-around wellbeing

We want to be food that motivates you to get through your morning workout. We want to be what you eat with family, an experience you share with them. We want to be your comfort food, something to ease a rough day without making you feel worse. We want to be there for you, supporting choices that help you move your body, connect with others, and rest your mind. And last but not least...

4. Food should be fun

Eat it with friends! Bake it into a crazy dessert! Make an Instagram account and photoshop it into memes! When we’re eating joyfully, and not taking ourselves too seriously, is when we feel our best.